Brief 2 WIP

Progress #5

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My idea

I has taken me awhile to come up with a process for my infographic. I thought about doing a recipe such as “how to make chocolate chip cookies” and then jumped to “how to deal with grief”. I thought “how to deal with grief” would be effective in an infographic with the right colours demonstrating feelings.

However, I then went off both of these initial ideas and settled for something that I love and am very interested in and I thought that this would make the construction of my infographic enjoyable for me! My process is, “how to get into snowboarding”. I work in a snowboard shop and love the activity hugely. I often come across people who do not know the first thing about getting into snowboarding and this is where my experience comes in!

My aim is to create a simple, eye-catching infographic that teaches a first-time snowboarder what they need when snowboarding and essentially where it goes. I would like to avoid too much text and I believe it is possible to portray my process mainly through visuals. The infographic will teach the new snowboarder the basics that they need. These being: a jacket, gloves, helmet, pants, goggles, bindings, socks, boots and a snowboard. I would also like to illustrate the different weather conditions while on the slopes by using weather symbols.

I would like to keep my colour scheme simple, yet effective. I will do this by choosing two or three main colours and then will branch off those with the differing shades if I feel the need.