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Source Photos

Attached below are my very first source photos. I decided to create my image from my 5th thumbnail sketch. This sketch involved a young girl dressed in a bright pink tutu/fairy costume and tiara (I was unable to find a bright pink costume so settled for bright aqua blue), sitting underneath a tree that is conveniently growing and dropping money. It is a common saying that money does not grow on trees, which adds an aspect of familiarity to the viewer. However, I plan on illustrating that the young girl does not have to reach far at all to get exactly what she wants. There are three possible trees that I could use to depict this image and they are all located just a few minutes walk from my house so it is ideal for capturing more images if needed. The background behind the trees can easily be changed and manipulated as a a couple of them are quite busy. The feedback I receive on this post will help with my decision on which tree to use and I will conduct some more research into the possible composition and colour schemes of the photos to make a final decision. I also need to decide on whether to use $20 or $50 notes or a mix of both. I am thinking that the green colouring of the $20 notes may blend in with the tree and surrounding greenery too much. IMG_7994 IMG_8015 IMG_8031 IMG_8069 IMG_8080 IMG_8084 IMG_8090

IMG_8181IMG_8179 IMG_8185

Concept Thumbnails

Scan 2

Pictured above are my thumbnail sketches, unfortunately I am not a great artist but I have tried my best to put pen to paper and clearly illustrate my ideas! As you can see, the images are labelled 1-5. Below are the accompanying notes for the sketches. 

  1. The young girl is sitting in the middle of the huge, dark armchair, which towers around her. She is wearing a bright pink fairy costume/tutu and a tiara. This portrayal almost resembles a princess, which vividly communicates the idea of being spoilt or overindulged. She holds a very unimpressed/scowling facial expression. Sitting on each side of the armchair next to her is an iPhone and an iPad, both on and both lit up. The source lighting from these gadgets will add an interesting illuminate light to the setting. Lastly, sitting at the girl’s feet is a small pile of money, which will be left to the viewer to interpret as they wish. Alternatively, the child could instead be lounging on the armchair and loosely holding the iPad, about to drop it and showing no care for it – still with the pile of money sitting at her feet. 
  2. This image is similar to the last but much simpler. The child is again sitting in the middle of the huge, dark armchair (alternatively could be lounging on it), wearing a bright pink fairy costume/tutu and a tiara and flying around her in a circular motion are dollar notes. I imagine the the money as $20 notes as I think the green would be a nice contrast with the dim background, dark armchair and bright pink fairy costume/tutu. This image communicates the child being centered around money and that it is not difficult for her to reach out and grab whatever she wants.
  3. In this image, the young girl wearing the exact same costume/clothing as the above images stands with her arms folded, looking up at the magical wardrobe full of toys, clothes, gadgets etc. Her facial expression and physical stance will illustrate that she is bored of these items and introduces the idea of overindulgence and always wanting more. To demonstrate this further, the colouring and lighting of the wardrobe could be dimmed, which communicates the unwantedness.
  4. This image is quite simple. A bunch of big presents sit at the front of the image, with the child ripping in to them, looking bored and unimpressed. The child again wears a tiara to represent being treated like a princess, but this time I have ditched the fairy dress/tutu as I feel that it would overcomplicate the image. Instead, the child wears a plain, bright t-shirt that will contrast well in front of the dark background. The presents are colourful but this colour will be dimmed to make the child stand out. The casualness of the image will portray the idea of being spoilt and overindulged as common and ordinary in the current day.
  5. I feel that this last image is very simple, yet effective. It presents the well-known saying that “money grows on trees”. The young girl sits beneath a blossoming tree of money in her bright pink fairy costume/tutu and tiara, playing with the leaves (money). It illustrates that the young girl has no concept of where money comes from and no education on how to make it last. Spoiling or overindulging children is becoming so common in the current day, we are raising a dangerous generation.

Communication Objectives

My article of the rising population of spoilt/overindulged children can be presented in various different ways. The fact that the image must be photo real does limit my visions a little but I am still very happy with the structure that I have planned!

I would like to communicate and represent this image in a highly realistic and relatable way. Everyone has seen a child cry/have a tantrum when they have been denied something they want, everyone is familiar with money and everyone knows what the latest gadgets are. I would like to incorporate all of these aspects to create a crystal clear and emotive digitally manipulated image.

What I am envisioning is a young girl (dressed in a bright pink tutu/fairy costume) sitting cross-legged on a monstrous, dark arm chair. The tutu gives a stereotypical representation of a young, contemporary girl.  sansone_classic_armchair01_bigFTPC-Sugarplum2-600

The room is dark and the child is crying and has a scowled look on her face. She is surrounded by the latest gadgets (iPhone, iPod, laptop etc) and a pool of money sits at her feet. The money will most likely be $20 notes as I think that it is important that the image does not portray too much colour other than the bright pink costume. One of the most important aspects of the image will be the darkness, only outlining the arm chair and child – the background being a mystery.

These images when placed together will effectively and clearly communicate the idea of spoilt children and overindulgence. I want the viewer to immediately know the main idea of the image but still be able to read into it further if they desire.


I began my search for an article by browsing through countless news websites, having no luck the first time I gave up and tried again the next day. With still no luck in finding an article that I was really interested in as well as having visual ideas for my image I decided I needed to think outside the box, more so into my everyday life. My inspiration came when I was at work on a Sunday afternoon and a young child came in to the store wearing head-to-toe branded clothing. He pulled out a wad of cash and told me how his parents gave him cash every weekend when he wanted to go to the mall. He then proceeded to tell me how his father had just shouted a round of iPhone 6s for the whole family (this boy being 12 years old). If I was not familiar with the family and their constant shopping sprees in my store I would never have believed this young boy’s stories. Spoilt/overindulged children are becoming very apparent in society today and this is creating a new generation of kids who lack boundaries and basically, have everything handed to them on a plate.

This is my chosen article that effectively portrays and highlights the rising problem of spoilt children in the world today. 

Basic statistics: Overindulgence Today by the Numbers

  • A 2001 Time/CNN poll found the following[2]:
  1. Are children today more or less spoiled that children 10 or 15 years ago? 80% more.
  2. Are your own children spoiled or not spoiled? 68% very/somewhat spoiled.
  3. Do children today have to do fewer or more chores? 75% fewer

If you would like some extra reading and an example of the extremity of the issue, have a read of this: Helpful websites: