1. You’ve got a great original idea here! As you are portraying “how to be an artist” I feel like it might be quite tempting to use a lot of colours. However, I think it would be most effective to just stick to three main colours or four at the most! You can always use different shades within these base colours. I agree with you that it might be quite tricky to trace these images on illustrator, as they are quite detailed! You may want to make the images more basic but see how you go! Looking forward to seeing the progress 🙂
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  1. Cool idea Kelsey! Seems like you’ve really thought about something that you’re interested in and used that as your infographic. I definitely like the last colour scheme the best as it really makes the yellow stand out and the idea of light in your infographic is a main part! The dark grey and white contrast nicely together and it is all very eye-catching. Remember that you can use different shades of those main colours if you need to shake it up a little! I really like the font and the structure of your graphic as it is simple, interesting and easy to read. Keep it up!

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  1. This is awesome! I thought it was a model infographic that you were basing yours off when I first saw it. You’ve got a really original idea that immediately caught my attention. The colours look great together and it is really visually appealing. The layout is simple and easy to read and this makes for a good infographic. The only thing that can be a little hard to read is the orange text against the greenish background. The social media aspect is easy to relate to and the well-known brand symbols were well executed! 🙂

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  1. Hey Loretta! This was such a cool idea and could have been really difficult to create but you managed to convert it into an easy to understand infographic! I really like your colour scheme, it looks like it has come straight out of a traditional recipe book. The only thing that I think could be made more effective is the font in the step by step guide as it is quite small and the linked handwriting makes it a little bit hard to read! Overall it is awesome and effectively teaches the viewer how to make pancakes in seven easy steps!

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  1. Hey Erika! This is a really relevant idea to the current day as polaroids have become increasingly popular in the last year. The colour scheme for this could be really effective if it was bright and cheerful. Maybe a dark grey base with an aqua blue and orange or something! Remember to just choose three or four main base colours as infographics can get a bit confusing if you use a heap of colours. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress! 🙂

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