The layout and composition of an infographic is an extremely important element to it as it must be eye-catching and grab the viewers attention straight away. Simple infographics tend to be the most effective. While researching the layout of infographics I came across a “cheat sheet” for infographics. The document showed a number of general layouts for infographics and it enabled me to decide which one I thought was the most effective. I decided that my idea would be most effective with the complete visualised layout. This means that if your idea has several elements to it, it would be most effective to portray it through compelling visuals. Skip the step by step text guide and settle for simple, helpful images. The focus of this layout is the visuals, not the text. Text is minimal but often still necessary to communicate your idea. I have also realised that white space or blank areas are not at all effective and should be avoided at all cost. When beginning my infographic on illustrator I will brainstorm layout ideas but I won’t be afraid to change it up as I proceed.

Layout ideas from:

Below is an extremely effective layout/composition of an infographic. Minimal text, one big graphic and a huge message. This shows that infographics can be painfully simple yet still so powerful.



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