What are infographics?

When reading the brief for this assignment I realised that I really had no clue what an ‘infographic’ was so I began to conduct some research on the definition and what it involved. I discovered that an infographic was simply a visual representation of information or data. They are said to trace right back to cave paintings and hieroglyphics thousands of years ago. Infographics can help turn complicated or boring subjects into an effective, eye-catching image. Infographics are becoming increasingly popular as advertising campaigns as they can be placed online on popular, universal sites such as Facebook. They are also used worldwide from magazines to posters in train stations. They aim to grab the attention of an onlooker and educate them almost immediately as to what the infographic is about.

http://visual.ly/what-is-an-infographic stated that infographics are:

  • visualizations that present complex information quickly and clearly
  • visualizations that integrate words and graphics to reveal information, patterns or trends
  • visualizations that are easier to understand than words alone
  • visualizations that are beautiful and engaging



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