Adobe Illustrator – the basics

I have never used illustrator before and the design concept of this assignment is way out of my comfort zone! However, I feel that learning the basics of illustrator will be beneficial for me and I know that I will definitely use these techniques in the future. I began with a general search of illustrator and how it is different to photoshop. I’ve learnt that Illustrator is completely ‘vector-based’, unlike photoshops pixel-based format. Illustrator cannot be used to modify images that are already created, as there are limited editing and modifying tools – this is what I am used to using on Photoshop. I found a very useful video that taught me the basics of using the pen tool, a tool that I have previously had many problems with but now feel quite confident after a few practices! ( The tools that I will mainly be using in Illustrator are mainly the pen tool, the selection and direct selection tool, the artboard tool and the general shapes for constructing graphics.



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