I began my research and assignment as a complete photoshop rookie, the tutorials effectively taught me everything. I found the technical side of this assignment quite difficult but I learnt how to mask, transform, distort and digitally alter images through my tutor, classmates and YouTube tutorials and instructions. Learning how to successfully use masks was very important in the process of creating my digitally manipulated image as it made sure that I did not tamper with the original image and therefore could recede and redo aspects if needed. It took awhile for me to get my head around this process but I now feel fairly confident that I have used masks efficiently and effectively.

My article choice reflected the increasing number of spoilt and overindulged children in society today. The idea of the rising number of spoilt and overindulged children in our country stemmed for me from working in a local East Auckland retail shop called Boardertown. Every day children enter the store and brag to each other about being given money from their parents and who’s parents have given them the most money. I was brought up in a highly “do-it-yourself” family, given $8 a week from age 10-15 and having to earn anything more by washing cars, vacuuming or completing other household chores. I wanted to communicate to the viewer that all children should be expected to pull their weight around the house, rather than just sitting around, cross-legged expecting to receive whatever they ask for. I chose to represent this through the common saying of “money doesn’t grow on trees”. I chose this concept as I knew it would be well-known and relatable to the viewer and would illustrate my idea clearly and directly. The child sits under the tree that is covered in money and she is simply reaching out her hand to the floating $50 note and knows that it will land right where she wants it.

My final image involved the fusing of four separate images, one of the tree and background, of the $20 and $50 notes and of the young girl dressed as a princess. I made sure that I took these individual photos in a number of different settings, with different natural lighting. I wanted to have lots of potential images to work with incase minor problems arose or I wanted a slightly different look. This proved to be a great move and I received lots of feedback about my images, which helped me to decide on the final images. Blending these images together did prove to be a little more difficult than first anticipated as I struggled with making the image look blended and composed as one. The use of filters and shadows on the money and young girl helped with this process and made the images look more as if they belonged there. Overall, I am extremely happy with the concept and message of my image as I feel strongly about it and I am proud of what I was able to achieve when visually representing this. I feel that it has a clear, strong message and vividly illustrates spoilt and overindulged children.


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