Source Photos

Attached below are my very first source photos. I decided to create my image from my 5th thumbnail sketch. This sketch involved a young girl dressed in a bright pink tutu/fairy costume and tiara (I was unable to find a bright pink costume so settled for bright aqua blue), sitting underneath a tree that is conveniently growing and dropping money. It is a common saying that money does not grow on trees, which adds an aspect of familiarity to the viewer. However, I plan on illustrating that the young girl does not have to reach far at all to get exactly what she wants. There are three possible trees that I could use to depict this image and they are all located just a few minutes walk from my house so it is ideal for capturing more images if needed. The background behind the trees can easily be changed and manipulated as a a couple of them are quite busy. The feedback I receive on this post will help with my decision on which tree to use and I will conduct some more research into the possible composition and colour schemes of the photos to make a final decision. I also need to decide on whether to use $20 or $50 notes or a mix of both. I am thinking that the green colouring of the $20 notes may blend in with the tree and surrounding greenery too much. IMG_7994 IMG_8015 IMG_8031 IMG_8069 IMG_8080 IMG_8084 IMG_8090

IMG_8181IMG_8179 IMG_8185


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