Research – warping

For my concept of money growing on trees, it will not be very effective to just have a flat $20 note hanging off the tree in the same position and shape multiple times. It would also not look photo real and I would like it to look like the notes are floating in the breeze. Image warping is the process of digitally manipulating or distorting an image into a new shape without ruining the overall image. As I am fairly new to photoshop I conducted research into this tool to identify how to use it and just what it can achieve. This way I can create the effective, photo-real image that I am envisioning. The link below is a Youtube tutorial that gave me the most information about the warp tool and on a basic level, which is all I need to make the money look more natural hanging in the tree. The type of look I am aiming for with the money in my image is also pictured below.



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