Research – use of colour

Before taking my photographs I wanted to conduct some research into colours and how they work and are effectively interpreted. Different colours raise different emotions and feelings among people so it is important that they are captured to fit in with the photograph. For example, greens and blues often induce calm and tranquil feelings, whereas yellow, red, orange and pink display energy and hype. Contrasting colours look great together side by side and I am beginning to think that the contrast could also be effective in my image. There will be blue sky and green grass and leaves in my image, which will convey the peace of the setting. I was planning on having the young girl under the tree in a bright pink fairy costume, however I was only able to locate a bright aqua blue costume. Due to the costume still being a bright colour, I think it will fit nicely into the overall image and still contrast with the natural beauty of the surroundings. (Image below is the costume I have chosen and highlights the contrast of blue against the green.)



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