Research – semiotics

I began my research knowing nothing about semiotics but soon discovered that there are three different types. These three types are icons, index, and symbols and they are a useful tool in image analysis and construction. Iconic is something that bears a resemblance to what it represents. An index semitonic indicates something. For example, smoke is associated with fire. Lastly, symbols, they are not always instantly recognizable and they may have no direct relevance to the object but are often constructed to be relatable to the viewer. Semiotics are constantly used in advertising to outline an advertiser’s message mainly through the use of signs or symbols. The semiotics in my image will mainly be the money in the tree. Money is a symbol of wealth, value and success and this will question how the young girl is associated with this while contrasting nicely into the natural beauty of the tree and surrounding environment.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 6.30.37 PM



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