Research – image manipulation

Photo manipulation is a process that is completed by the digital artist and takes place in programs such as photoshop. It is when the image is manipulated or edited into what is desired. It includes retouching, adjusting colours, contrast and white balance, adding sharpness and removing flaws. It is also possible to add images to an existing image and put them together as one. Essentially, this is what I will be doing in my image. I will be taking separate photos of the tree, young girl, money and possibly background to then blend together into one image. Photoshop allows you to create photo-real images as well as cartoon, complete digitally produced images. However, the techniques must be used within reason and it is important that you do not overdo the manipulating process as the image will lose its overall desired effect. Many magazine photos are completely edited to make people look more toned and tanned and skinnier etc. A final image should still hold an element of truth, rather than creating something unreal. The website stated below allowed me to discover a number of manipulated images from photoshop and informed me to exactly how it was manipulated. I was then able to personally critique the images and decide what I thought was effective and what was not. I will be keeping my image as close to reality as I can, yet the manipulation techniques of adjusting levels, colours and contrast will definitely aid my image.



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