Concept Thumbnails

Scan 2

Pictured above are my thumbnail sketches, unfortunately I am not a great artist but I have tried my best to put pen to paper and clearly illustrate my ideas! As you can see, the images are labelled 1-5. Below are the accompanying notes for the sketches. 

  1. The young girl is sitting in the middle of the huge, dark armchair, which towers around her. She is wearing a bright pink fairy costume/tutu and a tiara. This portrayal almost resembles a princess, which vividly communicates the idea of being spoilt or overindulged. She holds a very unimpressed/scowling facial expression. Sitting on each side of the armchair next to her is an iPhone and an iPad, both on and both lit up. The source lighting from these gadgets will add an interesting illuminate light to the setting. Lastly, sitting at the girl’s feet is a small pile of money, which will be left to the viewer to interpret as they wish. Alternatively, the child could instead be lounging on the armchair and loosely holding the iPad, about to drop it and showing no care for it – still with the pile of money sitting at her feet. 
  2. This image is similar to the last but much simpler. The child is again sitting in the middle of the huge, dark armchair (alternatively could be lounging on it), wearing a bright pink fairy costume/tutu and a tiara and flying around her in a circular motion are dollar notes. I imagine the the money as $20 notes as I think the green would be a nice contrast with the dim background, dark armchair and bright pink fairy costume/tutu. This image communicates the child being centered around money and that it is not difficult for her to reach out and grab whatever she wants.
  3. In this image, the young girl wearing the exact same costume/clothing as the above images stands with her arms folded, looking up at the magical wardrobe full of toys, clothes, gadgets etc. Her facial expression and physical stance will illustrate that she is bored of these items and introduces the idea of overindulgence and always wanting more. To demonstrate this further, the colouring and lighting of the wardrobe could be dimmed, which communicates the unwantedness.
  4. This image is quite simple. A bunch of big presents sit at the front of the image, with the child ripping in to them, looking bored and unimpressed. The child again wears a tiara to represent being treated like a princess, but this time I have ditched the fairy dress/tutu as I feel that it would overcomplicate the image. Instead, the child wears a plain, bright t-shirt that will contrast well in front of the dark background. The presents are colourful but this colour will be dimmed to make the child stand out. The casualness of the image will portray the idea of being spoilt and overindulged as common and ordinary in the current day.
  5. I feel that this last image is very simple, yet effective. It presents the well-known saying that “money grows on trees”. The young girl sits beneath a blossoming tree of money in her bright pink fairy costume/tutu and tiara, playing with the leaves (money). It illustrates that the young girl has no concept of where money comes from and no education on how to make it last. Spoiling or overindulging children is becoming so common in the current day, we are raising a dangerous generation.


  1. Hey Lucy! These are awesome ideas that are really portraying your main idea of the article! I think concept one will definitely show that effect of spoilt children with the fact they have many gadgets around them and money floating at their feet, reachable anytime! Although something you should think about is, if your going to include shadows to make it look more ‘photo-real’ and possibly how to show she’s been spoilt by parents??
    Just a thought! Great ideas though!


  2. I really like the idea of your first concept; everything dull other than her apple products and pink dress. But I believe it is something you could capture in one image, without necessarily doing any editing. And that’s why I think your idea of money growing on trees is very effective. It’s a very common saying with a strong message that I can imagine as a photo real image. I also think you have a really good grasp, and would defiantly be capable of portraying the image of ignorance in the spoilt girl.


  3. Hi Lucy, I agree that your last concept is simple but I feel like that would be an effective way to get your idea accross. You could do a lot with it without being too obvious. Im excited to see how you edit the money on to the tree. Cant wait to see the final result!


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