Communication Objectives

My article of the rising population of spoilt/overindulged children can be presented in various different ways. The fact that the image must be photo real does limit my visions a little but I am still very happy with the structure that I have planned!

I would like to communicate and represent this image in a highly realistic and relatable way. Everyone has seen a child cry/have a tantrum when they have been denied something they want, everyone is familiar with money and everyone knows what the latest gadgets are. I would like to incorporate all of these aspects to create a crystal clear and emotive digitally manipulated image.

What I am envisioning is a young girl (dressed in a bright pink tutu/fairy costume) sitting cross-legged on a monstrous, dark arm chair. The tutu gives a stereotypical representation of a young, contemporary girl.  sansone_classic_armchair01_bigFTPC-Sugarplum2-600

The room is dark and the child is crying and has a scowled look on her face. She is surrounded by the latest gadgets (iPhone, iPod, laptop etc) and a pool of money sits at her feet. The money will most likely be $20 notes as I think that it is important that the image does not portray too much colour other than the bright pink costume. One of the most important aspects of the image will be the darkness, only outlining the arm chair and child – the background being a mystery.

These images when placed together will effectively and clearly communicate the idea of spoilt children and overindulgence. I want the viewer to immediately know the main idea of the image but still be able to read into it further if they desire.



  1. I think you have a really strong idea that is completely relatable to almost anyone, this will help viewers already have some sort of connection with what your image is portraying. Possibly the showering of gadgets all around her could make the theme of your article a little too spelt-out in a way. The idea of the girl sounds perfect especially with a tantrum face. Perhaps having her lounge on the chair with her holding an ipad loosely like she is about to drop it and doesn’t care for it with the money at her feet could be an option? (so just having one or two spoilt type of objects). Just a thought. Love where this is going though 🙂


  2. I like your idea of the model dress in a fairy costume as it almost resembles a princess which relates to your article in children being spoilt. You could even add a tiara to your model to communicate this further. I really like your idea and feel if I saw this image I would understand what it was about straight away. In the background of the dark room you could have images of items our generation used when we were children in dark saturation as the audience will understand clearer that children are more about technology than toys aimed at children.


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